Mental Health Matters

Mental Health Matters

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There can be no health without mental health. Prioritizing mental health is essential for living a happy, healthy life for ourselves and the people around us. It helps us cope with the normal stresses of life, work productively, and contribute to our community. In honor of May Mental Health Awareness month, join us and learn powerful techniques in movement, meditation, and positive thinking that will help you build better mental health.

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Mental Health Matters
  • 10 Min Seated Flow For The Core

    Episode 1

    A core-focused seated yoga flow designed to improve muscles and stability while deep breathing and releasing toxins. Relieve lower back pain and tension in the lower body while simultaneously activating your core.

  • 3 Min Tapping Trick

    Episode 2

    Tap away any time of the day! Whether you want to feel energized for the day or more calm for night, tapping will help you regulate your nervous system and your brain.

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  • 5 Min Mid-Day Pause and Reflect

    Episode 3

    Sometimes we just need to stop our busy lives and unwind. Help create a greater degree of focus and direction in your life through this carefully calibrated routine. Get ready to relax and let go of all that tension that gets built up in our bodies.

  • 10 Min Seated Upper Body Stretching

    Episode 4

    A grounding series of seated upper body stretches to the body. Feel decompressed and release tension as you relax into these stretches.

  • 3 Min Melt Anxiety

    Episode 5

    Experience a series of anxiety fighting practices and learn how to release tension, find balance, and broaden your awareness through yoga. Unwind at the end of the day, calm the mind, and rest your body with this relaxing, restful anxiety melting exercise. Integrate these preventative practices i...

  • 3 Min Calm Breath

    Episode 6

    Drop into your body with this calming and de-stressing breath. Use this breath whenever you find yourself going nonstop - take a second to calm down and bring your energy way down. At home, light a candle, break out your go to essential oil, close the blinds, and remind yourself you're taking a m...

  • 5 Min Morning Meditation For Clarity

    Episode 7

    Learn how to utilize your inner strength to approach your days with clarity and feel at your best. See the glass half full as you begin your day with an open mind and an open heart, and shift your mood to find clarity within yourself.

  • 10 Min Seated Flow For Lower Body

    Episode 8

    A stabilizing lower-body-focused flow designed to improve balance. Stretch out your legs and lower body muscles, relieve tension in your hips, and activate your lower abdomen.

  • 3 Min Good/ Bad Situations

    Episode 9

    Learn to go with the flow of life. Try not to compartmentalize situations into good and bad situations. This will help you see life in a new light and not become too affected when things don't go your way.

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