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Watch this video and more on CARAVAN

Watch this video and more on CARAVAN

2 Min Boat Pose

Alex • 2m 10s

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  • 2 Min Eagle Pose

    Eagle pose,(Garudasana), improves digestion, balance and focus, increases circulation to joints, and opens the hips. Eagle pose will strengthen your arms, knees, legs, and ankles.

  • 5 Min Pigeon Pose

    Pigeon pose (Kapotasana) stimulates the abdominal organs, which aids with digestion. Pigeon pose stretches your hips, gluteus minimus and maximus, and relaxes the psoas muscles. Pigeon is the perfect way to wind down after your yoga practice.

  • 3 Min Side Plank

    Side plank (Vasisthasana) improves balance, strengthens the arms and core while stretching the back of the legs.