Fall Back Into Your Routine

Fall Back Into Your Routine

20 Episodes

Arthritis and Rheumatism Associates, P.C. (ARA)
September is a time of transition in many different ways. This is when we get back to routines with school, daily life, work, and more. This month, we invite you to join us for a 20-day program in fitness, mindfulness and meditation to re-energize yourself, increase productivity, and find balance after a summer of having fun and letting go. Let's fall back into balance, together!

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Fall Back Into Your Routine
  • September Calendar

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  • 5 Min Fun Movement

    Episode 1

    Stimulate your mind and body and promote blood flow with this quick movement session.

  • 5 Min Visualization Meditation

    Episode 2

    Navigate your intentions and awaken your inner strength with Yemie as she utilizes visualization to guide you to the present. Help create a greater degree of focus and direction in your life through this carefully calibrated routine.

  • 5 Min Morning Meditation For Clarity

    Episode 3

    Learn how to utilize your inner strength to approach your days with clarity and feel at your best. See the glass half full as you begin your day with an open mind and an open heart, and shift your mood to find clarity within yourself.

  • 5 Min Spectrum of Thoughts

    Episode 4

    Climb your way through the ladder of emotions and train in the skill of happiness for a better you.

  • 10 Min Energy At Work

    Episode 5

    Looking to overcome the midday slump? Instead of grabbing for a coffee, try this! Get a boost of energy from this amazing chair stretch session.

  • 15 Min Strength Movement: Core

    Episode 6

    Strengthen your abs with this easy sequence of exercises.

  • 5 Min Meditation for Productivity, Focus and Clarity

    Episode 7

    Learn how meditation can help you stay focused and improve decision-making and problem-solving skills. Take five minutes to sit quietly and let whatever thoughts arise come and go.

  • 10 Min Morning Energizer

    Episode 8

    A quick yoga inspired morning workout you can do every single day. Wake up your body with this perfect combination of stretching and power.

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  • 3 Min Aiming

    Episode 9

    Try this amazing exercise that really makes you think about how you want your life to be. Aim high and start working towards your goals.

  • 10 Min Releasing Back Pain

    Episode 10

    Restorative poses help release the back pain and will motivate you to engage in day to day activities. Keep a chair nearby to experience maximum impact!

  • 15 Min Strength Movement: Glutes

    Episode 11

    Follow these simple steps to strengthen your glutes and improve stability.

  • 5 Min The Importance Of Hydration

    Episode 12

    Learn the benefits of hydration and try these tips to help you drink more water and feel energized during your day.

  • 5 Min Daily Rise Meditation

    Episode 13

    Kick start your day with a quick meditation. Give yourself a boost of energy and activate your mind and body.

  • 5 Min Define Confidence

    Episode 14

    Discover how to rewire your brain and take control of your self-esteem.

  • 10 Min Sit Well

    Episode 15

    Calm the fluctuations of your mind by simply focusing on how you sit. Establish an easy sitting posture that will let the flow of energy move throughout your body freely and establish a sense of clarity. Take a quick break with several of our effective techniques that can be done anywhere.

  • 15 Min Strength Movement: Upper Body

    Episode 16

    Add these strengthening exercises to your daily routine to help improve your upper body.

  • 7 Min Meditative Journaling

    Episode 17

    Learn how to tap into your inner intuition and creativity through meditative journaling. Find your inspirations using journaling techniques and empower your own vision. Use this creative outlet to allow your tensions and worries to escape as you invite feelings of innovation and originality.


  • 10 Min What to Eat For Better Sleep

    Episode 18

    Learn tips and suggestions for important nutrients that impact our sleep and what to eat before bed.

  • 3 Min Power Posing

    Episode 19

    Join Lindsey as she power poses her way to confidence. By using this physical affirmation, take your attitude and wellness into your own hands. Before any circumstance which would otherwise produce feelings of anxiety or stress, prepare your body and mind to overcome doubt. Open yourself up, clai...

  • 5 Min Roll Down in the Chair

    Episode 20

    Roll down in your chair using the Alexander Technique to feel easy and neutralize your posture. This practice is particularly useful if you're feeling really tired and need to find some new energy.