Boxed Water Is Better® Partnership

Boxed Water Is Better® Partnership

4 Seasons

Boxed Water Is Better® and Caravan have partnered together to help you take better care of yourself, and the planet.

Learn a selection of 15 quick and effective practices and choose planet-friendly products to live your life to the fullest during the last days of summer. Small choices (like a quick yoga flow or your water on-the-go) will make a big impact on your personal health and the health of our planet.

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Boxed Water Is Better® Partnership
  • 10 Min Barre Sculpt

    Episode 1

    Challenge yourself with these barre techniques designed to strengthen, tone and improve flexibility. Release daily tension and find your strength with low impact exercises that leave your body feeling stronger than before.

  • 15 Min Full Body Circuit

    Episode 2

  • 10 Min Washboard Abs Workout

    Episode 3

    Be on your way to washboard abs in this toning and sculpting session.

  • 30 Min Yoga Flow

    Episode 4

    Soak up some sun and join us outside. Summer rooftop yoga will help deepen your breath, improve your form, and calm the mind! See the glowing effects of this meditative and fitness practice.

  • 15 Min Full Body Pilates

    Episode 5

    Tone, strengthen, and stretch your glute, abs, arms, legs, and back while simultaneously losing weight through this quick and effective Pilates routine.