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Blink Health

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Happy new year, everyone! Start fresh with your health and wellness goals and commit to better habits with Caravan. This month, learn how to train your brain to acquire the skill of happiness with 15 classes in meditation, brain training and fitness. Be the change you want to see in the world!

Are you ready for a fresh start in the new year?
GET UP, GET ACTIVE - Workout increases the production of endorphins, the “feel-good transmitters.” Elevate your fitness game by completing these high-intensity strength training classes (no equipment needed).
WAKING UP HAPPY - Start your day with positivity and energy. Experience how big a difference just a few minutes can make in your life.
REWIRE YOUR BRAIN - Learn how to deliberately seek out positive thoughts while creating a rewarding lifestyle filled with love, joy, and bliss.

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Blink Health
  • 10 Min Butt and Legs (Beginner)

    Episode 1

    Maximize your lower body with four separate patterns. A powerful butt and legs will enable full-body motion in every workout. Learn proper techniques in various sequences to get the most from your workout. This combination of squats and lunges will leave you stronger and more energized. Exercise ...

  • 10 Min Abs and Core (Beginner)

    Episode 2

    Focus on form and tempo while building strength and endurance in your core. This practice will improve your heart rate, promote better sleep, and strengthen your whole body. Regular exercise gets your immune cells circulating easily and freely. Strengthen that core, and strengthen that immunity f...

  • 10 Min Arms and Shoulders (Beginner)

    Episode 3

    This combination of push ups, triceps dips and a focus on core stabilization will get your heart pumping and boost energy. This class offers a variety of progressions and regressions - so however you push up, this is for you and your journey. Take what you need. Exercise will get circulation flow...

  • 10 Min Plyo and Cardio (Beginner)

    Episode 4

    Get ready to sweat. Your blood will be pumping. Heart will be racing. Find your rhythm and find your pace. Have fun, improve your heart rate, promote better sleep, and strengthen your immune system.

    Read more about the science here:

  • 10 Min Full Body (Beginner)

    Episode 5

    Combine leg work, arm work, core work, and cardio for a deep full body workout. This practice will leave you AND you immune system stronger and more powerful. Get you whole body circulating to let immune system cells move quickly and feely throughout your body. This lets your cells do their job a...