Book Club At The Cloud Club

Book Club At The Cloud Club

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Explore your monthly reads handpicked by Caravan's top teachers and health exerts. Elevate your book club experience and turn your knowledge into action with our quick and effective video practices and techniques that you can follow along and incorporate into your life.

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Book Club At The Cloud Club
  • 5 Min How To Sit In Meditation

    Episode 1

    Recognize that yoga and meditation is for everyone as Diana provides you with some tips for your meditation practices before you actually begin. Learn different options you can utilize for the physical aspect of meditation.

  • 5 Min Walking Meditation

    Episode 2

    Sync your breathing with your steps as you find your rhythm and pulse through this walking meditative practice. Absorb this quiet time with yourself, see your feet in front of you, and allow yourself to simply be in the moment.

  • 5 Min Body Scan Meditation

    Episode 3

    Observe yourself as you sit with your body without fear, and hydrate your cells and organs with your breath.

  • 10 Min Mantra Meditation

    Episode 4

    Implement this mantra into your mediation to remember who you are and why you come to your practice. This meditation will remind you of the best and kindest version of yourself and give you the tools to relax into this space. Meditation contributes to a strong and effective immune system by regul...

  • 15 Min Focus Meditation

    Episode 5

    Calm your mind and navigate your intentions with Leo as he utilizes meditation and breathing to help you find your center. Create a greater degree of focus and direction in your life through this carefully calibrated practice. Take advantage of this practice to find inner stillness and cultivate ...