As a ballerina, Brecke loves taking care of her health and wellness while finding new ways to improve her fitness. Brecke strongly believes in the importance of fitness and how it affects your mental, physical, and overall well-being. She is dedicated to helping you experience the best in your fitness journey.

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  • 20 Min Full Body Barre

    The ballet barre workouts entails small isometric movements dedicated to creating long, lean muscles without bulk. Tone your thighs, abs, and arms through these low-impact techniques that protect your joints by avoiding any bouncing or jumping.

  • 20 Min Barre For Glutes & Legs

    Target the glutes and engage your legs with this barre workout session! Feel the booty burn and create toned, lean legs.

  • 20 Min Barre For Balance

    Find your balance, release daily tension, and find your strength with low impact barre exercises that leave your body feeling stronger than before.