Happier & Healthier Holidays

Happier & Healthier Holidays

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2021 has come and gone, and this is a great moment for you to reflect on the past year, welcoming your best self in 2022! With the holiday season upon us, it may seem hard to squeeze wellness into your December schedule, but even the most overwhelmed among you can make it happen. Complete these 30 classes focusing on managing holiday stress, end of year reflection, as well as final push fitness. Finish off 2021 on a happier and healthier note!

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Happier & Healthier Holidays
  • 5 Min Creativity Meditation

    Episode 1

    Rejuvenate your mind and allow creativity to flow naturally. Use this creative outlet to release your tensions and worries. This session is your invite to feel a sense of originality and innovation.

    Read the science: https://blog.caravanwellness.com/productive-journaling/

  • 7 Min Meditative Journaling

    Episode 2

    Learn how to tap into your inner intuition and creativity through meditative journaling. Find your inspirations using journaling techniques and empower your own vision. Use this creative outlet to allow your tensions and worries to escape as you invite feelings of innovation and originality.


  • 8 Min Meditation Guided Art

    Episode 3

    Join Brana as she guides you through a meditation guided art experience designed to express your subconscious emotions in a creative way. Take advantage of this healing and creative process and incorporate it into your daily life.

    Read the science:

  • 3 Min To Be List

    Episode 4

    Instead of writing a to-do list, this video will guide you in writing a to be list. Whether you want to be happy, filled with laughter, or just Zen, this list will help you focus on yourself and fill your day with positivity.

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  • 3 Min Color Breathing

    Episode 5

    Try this fun 3 minute color breathing exercise that will get the negative energy out and the positive in. Help clear your mind and enjoy a moment with yourself using a color visualization technique.

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  • 3 Min Grounding Wherever You Are

    Episode 6

    Ground your environment to be able to be more in the moment and be with your surroundings. This wonderful practice will help you regulate your body and feel more calm throughout your day.

  • 5 Min Meditation for Kindness

    Episode 7

    Developing loving kindness helps your heart to expand and become kinder and more compassionate. Become more open and aware as you develop kindness towards both yourself and others. Offer loving kindness to yourself and expand it to those around you.

  • 5 Min Meditation For Gratitude

    Episode 8

    Find happiness and joy within yourself internally as you meditate with gratitude and recharge your karmic battery. Recognize that you are the creator of your own universe and rejoice for the little things you have in your life.

  • 5 Min Sleep Meditation

    Episode 9

    Lie down in bed, close your eyes, and allow your body to feel what you are feeling as you unwind before bed. Bring a sense of relaxation to your body, and notice the rhythm of your own body and the rhythm of your own breath.

  • 5 Min Walking Meditation

    Episode 10

    Sync your breathing with your steps as you find your rhythm and pulse through this walking meditative practice. Absorb this quiet time with yourself, see your feet in front of you, and allow yourself to simply be in the moment.