Wellness On The Go | Crabtree & Evelyn

Wellness On The Go | Crabtree & Evelyn

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Crabtree & Evelyn and Caravan have partnered together to bring you the ultimate on-the-go wellness experience.

Crabtree & Evelyn travels the world to bring the best wellness products into your home, so we wanted to give you the best practices to bring on your own travel adventures! Through this curated program, discover practices that invigorate the mind and body, restore your energy, and help you glow from the inside out.

Wake up your mind and body for a full day of excitement with these invigorating morning practices. Make the most of your travel experience by starting the day off right.

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Discover science-backed video practices in stretching and meditation for restoring your inner energy. When you’re on-the-go, it’s important to stay energized and avoid travel burnout. These rejuvenating exercises will cleanse you of all negativity and leave you feeling refreshed.

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Travel can be a great way of sparking joy and excitement in your life. Take advantage of this time and find new ways to glow with high-energy movement classes. Transform your wellbeing and embrace the rush that comes with exploring new things.

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Wellness On The Go | Crabtree & Evelyn
  • 5 Min Stretching for Travel

    Episode 1

    A stretching class you can do from anywhere in the world. Relax your mind and body and enjoy your trip.

  • 15 Min Focus Meditation

    Episode 2

    Calm your mind and navigate your intentions with Leo as he utilizes meditation and breathing to help you find your center. Create a greater degree of focus and direction in your life through this carefully calibrated practice. Take advantage of this practice to find inner stillness and cultivate ...

  • 5 Min Lower Back Stretching

    Episode 3

    Join Cailyn as she walks you through this lower back stretching dedicated to increase joint range of motion and calm your mind. Slow down using these fundamental methods and take the time to let your body get used to the stretches.

  • 10 Min Stop Stressing

    Episode 4

    Find out key strategies and tools to deal with stress in a positive way.

  • 5 Min Airplane/Car Release

    Episode 5

    Got travel plans? Try this 6-minute movement class and learn how to ease tension and calm the body while you're on the road.

  • 10 Min Rest, Stretch and Restore

    Episode 6

    This stretching session is dedicated to increasing joint range of motion and calming your mind. Slow down by using these fundamental methods and take the time to let your body relax.

  • 10 Min Clearing & Grounding Movement

    Episode 7

    A stimulating morning workout that will kickstart all day long energy, clear unwanted thoughts, and turn on your brain. This practice will sync your body with your mind and boost your heart rate. The quick tapping exercise allows the body to release stress through the regulation of the nervous sy...

  • 5 Min Visualization Meditation

    Episode 8

    Navigate your intentions and awaken your inner strength with Yemie as she utilizes visualization to guide you to the present. Help create a greater degree of focus and direction in your life through this carefully calibrated routine.

  • 10 Min Release Tension

    Episode 9

    Sitting at your desk all day? Try this stretch whenever you feel like you've been sitting for too long or just feel like you need a little break to destress.

  • 5 Min Breathing Meditation

    Episode 10

    Invite and receive good energy while you come into your own space. Deepen your breath while you notice and recognize sensations in your body and mind. Deep breathing increases oxygen flow to the brain, stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system which calms and relaxes the entire body and mind...