Diana brings decades of experience in yoga to her classes, always keeping her intentions around helping her students be their very best. She is known for her intelligent, intuitive, and inclusive approach, tailoring to each individual’s needs. Diana brings along elegance, patience, and wit to charm even the best of us, opening the door to everyone.

  • 10 Min Yoga For Wrists & Ankles

    Restore strength and flexibility to your wrists and ankles through gentle seated yoga practices.

    ☑ Revitalized Wrist & Ankle Joint Health
    ☑ Reduced Joint Pain
    ☑ Increased Mobility

    ☾☼ Best used if your wrists and ankles feel stiff, or anytime you have a 10 min break.

    ✎ Fun Fact: The human wris...

  • 10 Min Yoga For Neck Tension

    Discover relief and relaxation through targeted yoga practices for neck tension.

    ☑ Improved Flexibility
    ☑ Increased Range Of Motion
    ☑ Reduced Neck Discomfort

    ☾☼ Best used when you’re feeling tension in your neck, or anytime you have a 10 min break.

    ✎ Learn The Science: Regular practice of yog...

  • 10 Min Yoga For Hips & Lower Back

    Experience relief and greater flexibility in your hips and lower back through targeted yoga practices.

    ☑ Better Hip Mobility
    ☑ Increased Flexibility
    ☑ Decreased Back Tension

    ☾☼ Best used when you’re feeling tension in your hips or back area, or anytime you have a 10 min break.

    ✎ Learn The Sci...

  • 10 Min Yoga For Shoulder Flexibility

    Unlock greater shoulder flexibility and mobility with yoga.

    ☑ Improved Flexibility
    ☑ Enhanced Upper Body Mobility
    ☑ Reduced Shoulder Tension

    ☾☼ Best used when you experience shoulder stiffness or tension, or anytime you have a 10 min break.

    ✎ Fun Fact: The shoulders are one of the most mobile...

  • 10 Min Yoga For Runners

    Enhance your running performance and prevent injuries with yoga practices tailored for runners.

    ☑ Increased Running Performance
    ☑ Reduced Stiffness
    ☑ Injury Prevention

    ☾☼ Best used after a run, or anytime you have a 10 min break.

    ✎ Fun Fact: Yoga can complement running by not only improvin...

  • 5 Min How To Sit In Meditation

    Recognize that yoga and meditation is for everyone as Diana provides you with some tips for your meditation practices before you actually begin. Learn different options you can utilize for the physical aspect of meditation.

    ☑ Released Low Back Pain
    ☑ Stronger Core
    ☑ Confidence Posture

    ☾ ☼ Idea...

  • 5 Min Morning Meditation For Clarity

    Learn how to utilize your inner strength to approach your days with clarity and feel at your best. See the glass half full as you begin your day with an open mind and an open heart, and shift your mood to find clarity within yourself.

    ☑ Released Stress
    ☑ Enhanced Clarity
    ☑ Improved Mood

    ☾ ☼ Id...

  • 5 Min Meditation For Anger

    Gain insight into overcoming your anger as you become more aware of what brings your anger on and how you can conquer it. Recognize your tendency to anger without judgement, and relax your mind and body with long and smooth breaths.

    ☑ Reduced Stress
    ☑ Enhanced Positivity
    ☑ Improved Outlook

    ☾ ☼ ...

  • 5 Min Sleep Meditation

    Lie down in bed, close your eyes, and allow your body to feel what you are feeling as you unwind before bed. Bring a sense of relaxation to your body, and notice the rhythm of your own body and the rhythm of your own breath.

    ☑ Better Relaxation
    ☑ Rejuvenated Sleep
    ☑ Improved Mood

    ☾ Best used in...

  • 5 Min Walking Meditation

    Sync your breathing with your steps as you find your rhythm and pulse through this walking meditative practice. Absorb this quiet time with yourself, see your feet in front of you, and allow yourself to simply be in the moment.

    ☑ Increased Presence
    ☑ Rejuvenated Peace
    ☑ Enhanced Connection

    ☾ ☼ ...

  • 5 Min Body Scan Meditation

    Practice self-awareness and self-acceptance by sitting with your body without judgment. Use your breath to nourish and energize your cells and organs.

    ☑ Increased Energy
    ☑ Better Self-Awareness
    ☑ Reconnected Sense of Self

    ☾ ☼ Best used in the morning or evening, or anytime you have a 5 min brea...