Discover Wellness | 100 Barclay

Discover Wellness | 100 Barclay

4 Seasons

In partnership with 100 Barclay Condominiums, we've curated an exclusive selection of classes for you to stay healthy and well. Whether you're looking to reduce stress, break a sweat, boost your mood or create healthy eating habits, use this program to elevate your day-to-day routine.

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Discover Wellness | 100 Barclay
  • 10 Min Fundamentals of Nutrition

    Episode 1

    Nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated. Let’s break it down. Focus on getting the nutrients you need to support day to day body processes, immune system function, support stable energy, and decrease disease risk.

  • 5 Min Blood Sugar Management

    Episode 2

    Learn more about the ideal target levels for blood glucose, as well as glucose itself and how to keep blood sugar within a healthy range.

  • 10 Min Nutrition Facts Label Reading

    Episode 3

    Learn how to read a nutrition facts label to help you make mindful eating choices that promote your health and wellbeing.