Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness

4 Seasons

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Financial Wellness
  • 5 Min Financial Considerations For Employment Changes

    Episode 1

    Understand the financial considerations associated with job transitions.

    ☑ Improved Financial Literacy
    ☑ Employment Package Awareness
    ☑ Boosted Financial Planning

    ✎ Learn The Facts: Job transitions provide individuals with opportunities to develop new skills, expand their professional networks,...

  • 5 Min Finances For Starting A Family

    Episode 2

    Essential strategies to navigate the financial challenges of starting a family.

    ☑ Enhanced Financial Resilience
    ☑ Greater Peace of Mind
    ☑ Enhanced Financial Planning

    ✎ Learn The Facts: Research suggests that having a financial plan in place before starting a family can reduce stress and improve...

  • 5 Min Preparing Finances For Marriage

    Episode 3

    Learn key points for balancing and understanding financial expectations in marriage.

    ☑ Increased Financial Security
    ☑ Improved Communication
    ☑ Strong Financial Planning

    ✎ Learn The Facts: Couples who effectively communicate about financial matters and work together to achieve their financial go...

  • 5 Min Navigating Finances During Divorce

    Episode 4

    Guidance on managing financial affairs and assets amidst the complexities of divorce proceedings.

    ☑ Increased Financial Security
    ☑ Improved Negotiation Skills
    ☑ Enhanced Financial Independence

    ✎ Learn The Facts: The distribution of assets and liabilities can significantly impact individuals' fi...

  • 3 Min Inflation & Consumer Price Index

    Episode 5

    Gain a comprehensive understanding of inflation and CPI, exploring their significance in measuring changes in the cost of living and their implications for economic impact and financial decision-making.

    ☑ Enhanced Financial Literacy
    ☑ Inflation Awareness
    ☑ Improved Risk Management

    ✎ Learn The F...

  • 3 Min Understanding Employment Data

    Episode 6

    Explore the three distinct types of employment data and their impact on labor markets and the overall economy.

    ☑ Enhanced Financial Literacy
    ☑ Economic Awareness
    ☑ Informed Employment & Investment Choices

    ✎ Learn The Facts: The job market often undergoes fluctuations influenced by various facto...

  • 3 Min What Is Gross Domestic Product (GDP)?

    Episode 7

    Define GDP and learn about its implications for your investment decisions.

    ☑ Understand GDP Calculations & Definitions
    ☑ Enhanced Financial Literacy
    ☑ Boosted Investment Decisions

    ✎ Learn The Facts: Gross Domestic Product (GDP) directly impacts individuals by influencing job availability, incom...

  • 5 Min Understanding Common Types Of Insurance

    Episode 8

    Decode insurance complexities and safeguard your finances by understanding common insurance types.

    ☑ Increased Insurance Knowledge
    ☑ Boosted Decision-Making
    ☑ Secured Future

    ✎ Learn The Facts: Insurance serves as a crucial financial safety net, providing protection against unexpected events and...

  • 3 Min Understanding Credit

    Episode 9

    Gain comprehensive insights into the world of credit and learn how to manage it responsibly for a financially secure future.

    ☑ Improved Understanding of Credit
    ☑ Enhanced Borrowing Power
    ☑ Increased Credit Score

    ☾☼ Best used when you are on a financial wellness journey, or anytime you have 3 m...

  • 3 Min Smart Shopping

    Episode 10

    Master the art of smart shopping, where you'll learn valuable techniques to find great deals, make informed purchasing decisions, and maximize your savings.

    ☑ Improved Conscious Spending
    ☑ Enhanced Savings
    ☑ Increased Intuitive Purchasing

    ☾☼ Best used when you are on a financial wellness journ...

  • 3 Min Mindful Spending

    Episode 11

    Learn how to align your spending with your values and long-term goals, make informed financial decisions, and discover the joy of living within your means.

    ☑ Improved Conscious Spending
    ☑ Better Impulse Spending Control
    ☑ Increased Intuitive Purchasing

    ☾☼ Best used when you struggle with impuls...

  • 3 Min Managing Financial Stress & Building Resilience

    Episode 12

    Equip yourself with effective techniques to manage financial stress and build resilience for a secure financial future.

    ☑ Decreased Financial Stress
    ☑ Increased Resilience
    ☑ Improved Fiscal Mindset

    ☾☼ Best used when you’re feeling financial strain, or anytime you have a 3 min break.

    ✎ Pro Tip...

  • 3 Min Debt- The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

    Episode 13

    Debt is nothing to be ashamed of, and many people will incur some debt throughout their lives. Being proactive and learning how to make a timeline to pay off mortgages, credit cards, and loans is important to help you become debt free.

    ☑ Better Budgeting
    ☑ Balanced Income Ratio
    ☑ Improved Finan...

  • 3 Min Budgeting Is Your Friend

    Episode 14

    Learn how to allocate your money and create a budget for your spending and savings to always keep track of where your money is going.

    *The program is intended for general information purposes only. It is not intended to be relied upon and is not a substitute for professional financial advice bas...

  • 3 Min Saving- Foundation For Your Future

    Episode 15

    Savings is one of the most important financial assets to have in the event of an emergency or to plan for the future. Learn how to set aside your money wisely to be more financially secure in the future.

    ☑ Better Budgeting
    ☑ Balanced Savings Portfolio
    ☑ Improved Financial Freedom

    ☾ ☼ Best used...