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3 Min Breath Of Integration

For 50+ • 3m 3s

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  • 3 Min Wall Of Support

    This wall technique is perfect if you need support after standing for a long time and you feel your back getting stiff. Feel your back widen, leading to a state of ease and release.

    ☑ Improved Release
    ☑ Better Mobility
    ☑ Decreased Tension

    ☾ ☼ Best used whenever you are feeling tense, or wheneve...

  • 5 Min Finding Ease

    This class is a perfect introduction to the Alexander Technique! Here, Margi will help you fine tune the awareness of yourself by focusing on the neck area along with other parts of your body to clear your thinking and feel relieved.

    ☑ Improved Posture
    ☑ Better Mobility
    ☑ Decreased Tension In Th...

  • 10 Min Walking With Less Effort

    Learn the Alexander Technique and find ease and elegance in movement, making it easier to walk with less effort.

    ☑ Improved Gait
    ☑ Better Mobility
    ☑ Enhanced Ease

    ☾ ☼ Best used whenever you are struggling to relax.

    ✎ Pro Tip: Maintain an upright posture while walking. Imagine a straight line e...