End Your Year Strong

End Your Year Strong

15 Episodes

Girl Scouts Heart of New Jersey (GSHNJ)
This December, join us for a 15 day program that will help you to reflect on the past year while learning how to practice brain training for happiness and mindfulness for families during the holiday season. Check out the new strength training classes to achieve your end of year fitness goals. Let’s work together to finish the year at our best and start next year even stronger!

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End Your Year Strong
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  • 10 Min Meditative Journaling

    Episode 1

    Learn how to tap into your inner intuition and creativity through meditative journaling. Find your inspirations using journaling techniques and empower your own vision. Use this creative outlet to allow your tensions and worries to escape as you invite feelings of innovation and originality.


  • 3 Min To Be List

    Episode 2

    Instead of writing a to-do list, this video will guide you in writing a to be list. Whether you want to be happy, filled with laughter, or just Zen, this list will help you focus on yourself and fill your day with positivity.

  • 10 Min Secret to Happiness

    Episode 3

    Are you comparing yourself a lot to other people lately? Join Haley to let go of the negative feelings you sometimes experience when looking at the things you don't have and start looking at the things you do have.

  • 3 Min Formula For Success

    Episode 4

    In this session, Caravan teacher Edyta will guide you to take small steps to capture the success you've been chasing.

  • 5 Min Meditation For Gratitude

    Episode 5

    Find happiness and joy within yourself internally as you meditate with gratitude and recharge your karmic battery. Recognize that you are the creator of your own universe and rejoice for the little things you have in your life.

  • 5 Min Gentle Parenting

    Episode 6

    In this video, Caravan teacher Julika talks about gentle parenting, a parenting approach based on empathy and understanding.

  • 5 Min Setting Effective Limits for Children

    Episode 7

    Join Caravan teacher Julika and learn about setting effective limits for children, why children need limits, and how to implement them.

  • 5 Min Supporting Your Child's Mental Health

    Episode 8

    Follow along with Caravan Teacher Julika as she discusses why and what you can do to support your child's mental health.

  • 5 Min Raising Resilient Children

    Episode 9

    Join Caravan teacher Julika as she discusses what resilience means for your child. Learn how to teach your child to bounce back and move past difficulties with a bright perspective.

  • 5 Min Meditation for Kindness

    Episode 10

    Developing loving kindness helps your heart to expand and become kinder and more compassionate. Become more open and aware as you develop kindness towards both yourself and others. Offer loving kindness to yourself and expand it to those around you.

  • 15 Min Upper Body Workout

    Episode 11

    Get ready to sweat and transform your upper body in just 15 minutes.

  • 10 Min Glute Burn

    Episode 12

    Get ready to feel the burn and tone your glutes with this 10-minute glute-sculpting routine. Not only will this workout help you achieve lifted and toned glutes, but it will also improve overall strength and stability.

  • 10 Min Core Strength

    Episode 13

    Short on time but still want to work on your core strength? This 10 min workout is the perfect solution to help you achieve your fitness goals.

  • 20 Min Leg Power

    Episode 14

    Do leg day any day with this leg power workout.

  • 10 Min Full Body Stretching

    Episode 15

    Decompress your mind and muscles in a post full body stretch with Steven.