Based in New York, Hailey is dedicated to helping you realize the importance of the people you surround yourself with in this city of 8 million. By arming you with the tools you need to cultivate true joy and happiness, she strives to allow people to connect with themselves on a deeper conscious level. Hailey wants nothing more than to make the world, starting with you, a healthier, happier place by inspiring change from the inside out.

  • 10 Min Secret To Happiness

    Are you comparing yourself a lot to other people lately? Join Haley to let go of the negative feelings you sometimes experience when looking at the things you don't have and start looking at the things you do have.

  • 10 Min Learn To Say No

    Saying no is OK! Telling people yes all the time can fill up your schedule and leave you feeling overwhelmed. Learn about the importance of solitude and how to find more time for yourself.

  • 10 Min Dating Pre-Game

    Join in this Dating Pre-Game to learn what you can do before going on that big date.

  • 10 Min Keep Your Cool

    Every now and then, everyone loses their cool. Sometimes, however, letting your emotions take over leads to negative effects on your overall wellbeing. Take a breath, act with kindness, and let go.

  • 10 Min Gut Health 101

    Learn how your body digests your meals, protects you from disease, and makes the essential nutrients you can't produce on your own!

  • 10 Min Why Diets Don't Work

    Learn about the key food groups and types of diets that promote long-term positive health effects for the body.

  • 5 Min History Of Dating

    Learn the interesting history of dating. You might be surprised how it all started.

  • 10 Min Cultivating Self-Love In Dating

    Learn how to cultivate self-love.

  • 10 Min Dating Mindset

    Discover how you can develop the best mindset: before and after entering the dating scene.

  • 5 Min Dating Pre-Game

    Figure out what steps you can take before entering the dating scene.

  • 10 Min On & After The Date

    Learn how to incorporate mindfulness into your dating life.