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Love Your Heart

5 Min Nutrition & Heart Disease Risk Reduction

5m 54s

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  • 5 Min Cardio Abs

    Get ready to torch calories and sculpt your core.

    ☑ Improved Metabolic Rate
    ☑ Stronger Abdominal Muscles
    ☑ Boosted Heart Health

    ☾☼ Best used as a morning or evening workout, or anytime you have a 5 min break.

    ✎ Fun Fact: Cardio Abs workouts combine cardiovascular exercises with targeted ab ex...

  • 5 Min Meditation For Stress Relief

    This practice offers a structured breathing technique that involves inhaling, holding the breath, exhaling, and pausing before repeating, promoting deep relaxation and a sense of mental clarity. By engaging in box breathing, you create a rhythm that harmonizes your body and mind, allowing stress ...

  • 5 Min High Blood Pressure & How To Pr...

    Learn how to prevent high blood pressure and safeguard your heart health.

    Definitions To Know:
    ⚕ Endothelium- the layer of tissue that lines blood vessels
    ⚕ Peripheral Vascular Disease- a circulatory condition that causes narrowed blood vessels and therefore reduced blood flow to limbs
    ⚕ Sleep ...