Cultivate Your Inner Kindness

Cultivate Your Inner Kindness

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As the weather gets colder and the end of a long year is looming, it is important to take some time out of your day and devote it to yourself. Self-Care is a crucial pillar of overall wellness as it contributes to better sleep, improved focus and mental clarity. That’s why this November, we challenge InSite Digestive employees to complete these 15 classes focusing on sleep, meditation for inner-kindness and fitness. Whether you have a free hour or 10 minutes per day, take that time to improve your overall well-being and welcome a better version of yourself this season!

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Cultivate Your Inner Kindness
  • 2 Min No Negative Emotions

    Episode 1

    Break the loop of negative emotions and think with more positive thoughts to make your days brighter. Learn to create positivity from even the most negative thoughts while using short practices to develop an unparalleled sense of self-worth and confidence. Minimize your stress, focus on your brea...

  • 3 Min Set Yourself Free

    Episode 2

    Give yourself the self-love you need by looking at the things you give yourself a hard time with and hold you back in order work through them and to move forward. This class will help you become more mindful for freeing and positive results.

  • 10 Min How To Keep Your Cool

    Episode 3

    Every now and then, everyone loses their cool. Sometimes, however, letting your emotions take over leads to negative effects on your overall wellbeing. Take a breath, act with kindness, and let go.

  • 5 Min Meditation for Kindness

    Episode 4

    Developing loving kindness helps your heart to expand and become kinder and more compassionate. Become more open and aware as you develop kindness towards both yourself and others. Offer loving kindness to yourself and expand it to those around you.

  • 5 Min Meditation For Gratitude

    Episode 5

    Find happiness and joy within yourself internally as you meditate with gratitude and recharge your karmic battery. Recognize that you are the creator of your own universe and rejoice for the little things you have in your life.