As a parent, Julika knows the importance of community when raising and teaching children. Julika's work includes developing programs and curricula for parents, professionals and the community to help create a sense of belonging. Julika creates a way of learning that builds resilience and promotes healing for individuals and communities. Julika enjoys supporting social, racial, and environmental justice, and she welcomes connections to advance this goal together through parenting, teaching and community building.

  • 5 Min Gentle Parenting

    In this video, Caravan teacher Julika talks about gentle parenting, a parenting approach based on empathy and understanding.

  • 5 Min Setting Effective Limits for Children

    Join Caravan teacher Julika and learn about setting effective limits for children, why children need limits, and how to implement them.

  • 5 Min Supporting Your Child's Mental Health

    Follow along with Caravan Teacher Julika as she discusses why and what you can do to support your child's mental health.

  • 5 Min Parental Separation

    Parental separation is a common yet difficult topic. Follow along as Caravan Teacher Julika discusses how you can grow stronger through adversity.

  • 5 Min Raising Resilient Children

    Join Caravan teacher Julika as she discusses what resilience means for your child. Learn how to teach your child to bounce back and move past difficulties with a bright perspective.