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10 Min Spinal Wakeup


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  • 5 Min Energizing Routine

    A quick energizing morning routine to jump start the energy you need for a big day. Scan your body, get your spine and breath moving- take this at your own tempo.

    PROPS: Mat

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  • 10 Min Cardio Pilates For Core

    Target the abdominals, obliques, and lower back muscles with cardio pilates exercises designed to improve your posture, balance, and stability.

    ☑ Increased Cardiovascular Fitness
    ☑ Improved Posture and Alignment
    ☑ Improved Endurance

    ☾☼ Best used whenever you have a 10 min break.

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  • 10 Min Cardio Pilates For Desk Workers

    Counteract the negative effects of prolonged sitting through cardio pilates.

    ☑ Increased Productivity
    ☑ Expanded Range of Motion
    ☑ Released Tension

    ☾ Best used after sitting for prolonged periods, or when you have a 5 minute break at work.

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    Q: What is Cardio Pilates?
    A: Cardio Pilates is ...