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WFH Wellness

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In partnership with Omeros, we've curated a program designed to help you improve your overall wellbeing while working from home. An important step in improving your sense of well being is engaging the mind and body. The combination of these practices provide a well-rounded approach to mental and physical health to help employees effectively deal with their everyday stressors.

MINDFUL MEDITATION: Whether it is the beginning, middle or end of the day it is important to check in with yourself and connect with your breath. These 5 practices will help you become more mindful reduce your stress at any time of the day.

FEEL GOOD YOGA: Yoga is the perfect way to engage your mind and body. These practices will help clear your mind while engaging your body in relaxing, strengthening and energizing.

SWEAT & STRETCH: Getting your body moving is a vital part of not only your physical wellbeing but also your mental wellbeing. Break a sweat and get your heart rate up with this mix of toning, cardio and stretching.

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WFH Wellness
  • 10 Min Sun Salutations

    Episode 1

    Feel stretched and relaxed by practicing sun salutations and standing postures. This routine is great for an energizing start to a positive day. Benefits of sun salutation include boosted energy, improved blood circulation, released tension in your shoulders, chest, and hamstrings.

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  • 10 Min Release Tension

    Episode 2

    Experience an anxiety fighting practice with Christina as she demonstrates how to release tension, find balance, and broaden your awareness through yoga. Integrate these preventative practices into your daily routine as you focus on relieving your anxiety.

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  • 20 Min Vinyasa Flow Hip-Hip Style

    Episode 3

    Join Vinyasa Flow and activate your mind and body: hip-hop style! Get your heart pumping and break a sweat with this upbeat and energetic session.

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  • 30 Min Yoga Flow

    Episode 4

    Soak up some sun and join us outside. Summer rooftop yoga will help deepen your breath, improve your form, and calm the mind! See the glowing effects of this meditative and fitness practice.

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  • 10 Min Hip Openers

    Episode 5

    Stretch and engage your arms, abs, legs, and hips through this relaxing, flexibility-enhancing exercise. Focusing on opening your hips brings greater support for your back and spine muscles, and helps better align the body’s joints.

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