Brand Partnerships

  • Holistically Harney

    4 seasons

    Harney & Sons and Caravan have partnered to bring you a program that will help you incorporate science-backed video practices into your wellness tea routine.
    Give intention and clarity to your day by combining Caravan's meditation, movement and mindful yoga with Harney's selection of Wellness Tea...

  • Calzedonia Partnership

    4 seasons

    Caravan has partnered with Italian legwear brand, Calzedonia to help you take charge of your wellbeing.
    Discover a curated selection of Caravan's quick and effective wellness videos in fitness, positivity, mindfulness and more. Incorporate healthy habits into your daily life, seamlessly!


  • Re:Program | Sakara Life

    2 seasons


    Elevate your day-to-day with thoughtful rituals of self-care and reveal transformational results.

    To help you refresh your daily routine and reset your mind, Sakara founders Whitney and Danielle chose some of their favorite classes in meditation, movement, breathwork an...


    4 seasons


    In partnership with Spiritual Gangster, we've curated an exclusive selection of classes to help you live the Spiritual Gangster life. Find your Inner Spiritual Gangster and use these practices to inspire positivity, practice gratitude and find happiness even if...

  • Boxed Water Is Better® Partnership

    4 seasons

    Boxed Water Is Better® and Caravan have partnered together to help you take better care of yourself, and the planet.

    Learn a selection of 15 quick and effective practices and choose planet-friendly products to live your life to the fullest during the last days of summer. Small choices (like a qu...

  • 5 Days To Boost Immunity

    6 seasons

    VIDEOS: 20
    AVERAGE DURATION: 10 minutes

    The immune system is the first line of defense of our body against an alien microorganism entering the body. Learn these healthy practices focusing on movement, deep breathing, and reducing stress levels to maintain a strong immune system and prevent disea...

  • 10 Day Morning Positivity

    10 videos

    Rise and shine with Caravan! This program is designed to help you start your day with positivity and a clear mind. The classes can promote productivity and boost your energy throughout the day. Waking up and activating your mind and body can also help regulate your sleeping patterns causing mood ...

  • 10 Day Transformation

    10 seasons

    VIDEOS: 50
    AVERAGE DURATION: 10 minutes

    This program is a complete wellness experience designed to help you transform your life in 10 days. From the moment you rise in the morning to the time you go to sleep, discover your potential with CARAVAN’s carefully designed 10-day transformational progr...

  • 5 Days of Wellness

    5 seasons

    VIDEOS: 25
    AVERAGE DURATION: 10 minutes

    This short and enjoyable program is designed to be a life-transforming experience. We offer you 5 unique practices to select from, for each part of your day, during the next 5 days.
    A better life starts with a better daily self-care.

    We recomm...

  • 5 Days to Rewire Your Brain

    6 seasons

    VIDEOS: 15
    AVERAGE DURATION: 10 minutes

    This program is a complete wellness experience designed to help you rewire your brain for a more positive and productive life. We offer you 3 unique practices to follow, for each part of your day, for the next 5 days.


    MORNING: Start your d...

  • Popular: 5-Day Pilates Body

    6 seasons

    VIDEOS: 10
    AVERAGE DURATION: 10 minutes

    These century-old pilates techniques are practiced to strengthen the core, improve posture, stabilize balance, elongate the spine and tone the body. Give your muscles the therapy they need through each calculated, and purposeful pilate...

  • Melt Stress & Anxiety | Spring Place

    4 seasons

    This Mental Health Awareness Month, in partnership with Spring Place, we've curated an exclusive selection of science-backed practices to bring you tools and tricks to help reduce stress

    GET ACTIVE - Movement releases endorphins, your feel-good chemicals, which enhance your sense of wellbeing, i...

  • College Student Mindfulness

    6 seasons

    VIDEOS: 15
    AVERAGE DURATION: 10 minutes

    This program was created to help you maximize focus and maintain calm during the back-to-school hustle.

    Between the all-nighters and hectic balances of social and work life, we understand how the college flow can be extremely stressful. That’s why this pr...

  • Discover Wellness | 100 Barclay

    4 seasons


    In partnership with 100 Barclay Condominiums, we've curated this exclusive selection of classes for you to fit into each part of your day. Whether you're looking to reduce stress, break a sweat, boost your mood or find balance, use this program to elevate your day-to-day routine.