Run Your Day

Run Your Day

4 Seasons

We've partnered with Run Gum to bring you a program designed to give you the energy you need to make the most of your day.

Discover ways to boost immunity, strengthen muscles, and find stress relief. In this program, experience the revitalizing benefits of Run Gum’s bubblegum and Caravan’s specialized video practices that will get you ready to seize the day.

Immunity - The immune system is our body's first line of defense against illness. Support your system by using Run Gum's Immunity Gum formulated with beneficial nutrients. Find yourself feeling energized and discover the uplifting effects of Caravan's short and simple classes in meditation and movement.

Energy - Discover how you can level up your fitness routine and get moving in Caravan's strength training classes. Find a boost of energy with Run Gum’s Energy Gum and challenge yourself with these strengthening & cardio-pumping workouts.

Calm - Relax and let go of all the tension of a stressful day. Use Run Gum’s Calm Gum and Caravan’s meditation and breathing techniques to allow yourself to find your peace, slow down, and reflect.

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Run Your Day
  • 10 Min Clearing & Grounding Movement

    Episode 1

    A stimulating morning workout that will kickstart all day long energy, clear unwanted thoughts, and turn on your brain. This practice will sync your body with your mind and boost your heart rate. The quick tapping exercise allows the body to release stress through the regulation of the nervous sy...

  • 10 Min Spinal Wakeup

    Episode 2

    This quick morning wakeup routine is a fully seated practice that will get your energy flowing, your body warmed up, and your breath moving. It's important to move your spine in many different forms and positions at least once a day. Waking up your spine in the morning will leave you feeling good...

  • 5 Min Energizing Routine

    Episode 3

    A quick energizing morning routine to jump start the energy you need for a big day. Scan your body, get your spine and breath moving- take this at your own tempo.

    PROPS: Mat

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  • 10 Min Breath Meditation

    Episode 4

    Deepen your breath while you notice and recognize sensations in your body and mind. Deep breathing increases oxygen flow to the brain, stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system which calms and relaxes the entire body and mind.

  • 10 Min Sleep Better

    Episode 5

    Embark on a meditative journey to sleep. Learn how to relax and place aside outside worries.

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  • 10 Min Lower Body (Beginner)

    Episode 6

    Maximize your lower body with four separate patterns. A powerful butt and legs will enable full-body motion in every workout. Learn proper techniques in various sequences to get the most from your workout. This combination of squats and lunges will leave you stronger and more energized.

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  • 10 Min Abs & Core (Beginner)

    Episode 7

    Focus on form and tempo while building strength and endurance in your core. This practice will improve your heart rate, promote better sleep, and work to strengthen your whole body.

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  • 10 Min Arms & Shoulders (Beginner)

    Episode 8

    This combination of push ups, triceps dips and a focus on core stabilization will get your heart pumping and boost energy. This class offers a variety of progressions and regressions - so however you push up, this is for you and your journey.
    PROPS: Mat

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  • 10 Min Plyo & Cardio (Beginner)

    Episode 9

    Get ready to sweat. Your blood will be pumping. Heart will be racing. Find your rhythm and find your pace. Have fun!

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  • 10 Min Full Body (Beginner)

    Episode 10

    Combine leg work, arm work, core work, and cardio for a deep full body workout. This practice will leave you stronger and more powerful.

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  • 10 Min Rest, Stretch & Restore

    Episode 11

    This stretching session is dedicated to increasing joint range of motion and calming your mind. Slow down by using these fundamental methods and take the time to let your body relax.

  • 3 Min Mantra For Clearing

    Episode 12

    This mantra meditation is great when you find yourself stuck in a negative headspace or if you want to find a moment of peace. Use the vibration of the mantra sound to break free from the mental interlock and find yourself in a calm, safe place.

  • 3 Min Ocean Breath

    Episode 13

    Ocean breath, also called Ujjayi breath, is a great breathing technique to calm the mind, release stress and warm the body.

  • 5 Min Hearing & Moon Meditation

    Episode 14

    Tune into the pattern of your breathing with sense memory. In this practice we combine your own human sensations with the outside world. Connect the idea of listening with the idea of the moon. Listen to your body, ask what it needs, allow for adjustments, and become fully present in your inner w...

  • 3 Min Calm Breath

    Episode 15

    Use this breathing technique whenever you find yourself going nonstop - take a second to calm down and bring your energy way down. At home, light a candle, break out your go to essential oil, close the blinds, and remind yourself you're taking a moment for you. Relax into a healthier, stronger yo...