Transform Your Mental Health

Transform Your Mental Health

7 Seasons

SHR - Sceptre Hospitality Resources
Join us for this curated program designed to help everyone at SHR encompass different approaches to improve mental health and cultivate positivity. This month, we encourage you to devote 10 minutes per day to mindfulness and learn effective tools to combat Zoom fatigue, increase resilience, boost confidence, and liberate your brain.

Office Mindfulness - Discover tools to find balance at work
Connect From Your Core - Uncover each layer of your physical and mental being
The Alexander Technique - Improve your posture at your seat
Boost Confidence - Learn how to encourage positive expectations and take control of your self-esteem
Stress Solutions - Learn how to break through negative stress patterns
Relationship With Others - Learn how to balance healthy relationships

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Transform Your Mental Health
  • 7 Min Sit Well

    Episode 1

    Calm the fluctuations of your mind by simply focusing on how you sit. Establish an easy sitting posture that will let the flow of energy move throughout your body freely and establish a sense of clarity. Take a quick break with several of our effective techniques that can be done essentially anyw...

  • 8 Min Energy at work

    Episode 2

    Looking to overcome the midday slump? Instead of grabbing for a coffee, try this! Get a boost of energy from this amazing chair stretch session.

  • Special Today: 10 Min Release Tension

    Episode 3

    Sitting at your desk all day? Try this stretch whenever you feel like you've been sitting for too long or just feel like you need a little break to destress.

  • 10 Min Mindfulness at Work

    Episode 4

    Many of us tend to operate on autopilot at work. Studies have found that taking a minute to reflect and being consciously focused can help you become more productive and improve your performance at work. This class will give you the essential tools you need to combat fatigue, increase resilience,...

  • 5 Min Clear Your Mind

    Episode 5

    Clear your mind using these powerful full-body techniques you can practice at your desk. In this quick session, take a moment to discover ways you can relax and refocus.

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