November Self-Care | SLU

November Self-Care | SLU

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As the weather gets colder and finals fast approaching it is important to take time out of your day for yourself. Self-Care is an important pillar of overall wellness contributing to better sleep, improve your focus and boost your mood.

We challenge you to complete these 15 classes in November. Whether you have a free hour or 10 minutes, take that time for yourself and improve your well-being. Looking for more? Explore our entire video library with 250+ practices and 10 programs to transform your wellbeing.

FALL FITNESS: Care for your physical health by toning your muscles through strength training and pilates. Read the science:

REST, STRETCH AND RESTORE: Take time to clear your mind and restore your body with various breathing exercises, meditation and yoga. Read the science:

MINDFUL EATING: Self-Care can start from the inside. Follow these practices to care for the digestive system. Read the science:

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November Self-Care | SLU