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It is widely known that one of the many secrets to a happy and healthy life is getting enough sleep, yet many of us struggle with sleep deprivation. Due to our fast-paced and at times stressful lives, maintaining a healthy sleep schedule can become an aſterthought. The standard amount of sleep for optimized cognitive function is 8 hours per night, but stress and restlessness before bed can make reaching that amount feel impossible. To combat this issue, Caravan has created a special program for everyone at St Lawrence University to help you receive the peaceful sleep you deserve.

This program is designed to help you get the best night’s sleep possible. The classes integrate mediation, breathing techniques, and morning movement into your daily routine in order to guarantee a fulfilling night’s rest, and optimal energy the following day. The benefits of sleep are endless and overall imperative to wellbeing. Implementing a nightly routine that allows you to keep the mind, body, and spirit calm will allow for a good night’s rest and as a result a better daily life.

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  • 3 Min Calm Breath

    Episode 1

    Drop into your body with this calming and de-stressing breath. Use this breath whenever you find yourself going nonstop - take a second to calm down and bring your energy way down. At home, light a candle, break out your go to essential oil, close the blinds, and remind yourself you're taking a m...

  • 3 Min Ocean Breath

    Episode 2

  • 5 Min Equal Breath

    Episode 3

  • 5 Min Exhale Focused Breath

    Episode 4

  • 5 Min Alternate Nostril Breathing

    Episode 5

    This practice will take you on a journey to three different breaths that build on each other to create an entire breath work sequence. This exercise will help you quiet the mind, leave you with a feeling of relaxation, and reduce stress and fatigue. This relaxation will help strengthen the immune...