Transform Your Wellness

Transform Your Wellness

4 Seasons

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Start fresh with your health and wellness goals and commit to improved habits. Whatever your goals may be, we are here to help you along the way; because lasting success starts with your well-being. This month, we challenge you to complete these 30 powerful classes, endorsed by Griselle Villalobos, Sr. HR Manager at Tampico, and experience all the benefits of wellness!

STRENGTH TRAINING - Build your strength. Move faster and stronger!
YOGA - Connect your breath, mind and body. Experience the power of holistic wellness.
MEDITATION - Improve your focus and clarity. Learn unique relaxation techniques to sleep better.

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Transform Your Wellness
  • 10 Min Hands, Arms, Shoulders

    Episode 1

    Fundamental practice for the hands, legs, and arms! Wake up these parts of the body to prepare them for successful, comfortable body-weight exercises. Improve your flexibility and get the energy you need to help you through your day.

  • 10 Min Standing Poses

    Episode 2

    While most standing poses cause you to consider outer form, today we will focus on the inner form. The inner form is what prepares us to be strong and master these standing poses! Join us and find your strength and balance.

  • 10 Min Learn to Balance

    Episode 3

    Building better balance can increase strength and stability, help avoid injury, and also improve our ability to focus. Invest in yourself and find your balance.

  • 10 Min Prepare for Inversions

    Episode 4

    Thought about doing a handstand, but not confident? Go upside down with ease in just 8 minutes with Elizabeth's detailed guidance!

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  • 10 Min Modified Sun Salutations

    Episode 5

    This introductory session will leave you feeling stretched and relaxed by practicing sun salutations and standing postures. Benefits of sun salutation include boosted energy, improved blood circulation, eases and released tension in your shoulders, chest, and hamstrings.

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  • 15 Min Yoga Get Good Glutes

    Episode 6

    Target the glutes and engage your legs with this sculpting workout session! Feel the booty burn and add some energy!

  • 20 Min Yoga Brilliant Legs

    Episode 7

    This leg-oriented workout will help us take measures to avoid joint pains. Feel the leg burn! Join us for this multi-faceted session to get those long, lean legs.

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  • 10 Min Yoga Arms

    Episode 8

    Learn the basis for essential yoga techniques using this guided practice. Understand the integral role your hands, wrists, and arms play in bearing the weight of your daily activities and how to effectively use them.

  • 10 Min Yoga for Digestion

    Episode 9

    Feel the deep fold of your body and the straightening of your spine as these techniques clear your mind and control your metabolism.

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  • 10 Min Yoga for the Core

    Episode 10

    Bring a mat to fully experience this toning yoga session. Using an anterior pelvic tilt allows us to release more energy during abdominal work, and reach the deepest layers of our abs—a typically difficult feat, now made quick and easy for you!