Transform Your Physical and Mental Health

Transform Your Physical and Mental Health

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November is officially here and the end of a long year is looming! Now, it's really more important than ever to start prioritizing your wellbeing and devoting time to improving your habits. That's why this month, we challenge you to complete a curated program of science-backed classes designed for TextNow employees to help you learn a holistic approach to mental health.
Your physical exercise, sleep, and mindfulness are essential components to help you boost your mood, manage stress and improve your mental wellbeing. These autumn days, flex those business muscles and start off this fall with a refreshed and renewed outlook! And always keep in mind that the body achieves what the mind believes!

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Transform Your Physical and Mental Health
  • 10 Min Mobility Flow

    Episode 1

    A revitalizing mobility flow that will warm up your body while simultaneously activating your core. Open up your chest, back, and shoulders as you relax into these stretches that are great for strengthening your entire body!

  • 10 Min Yoga Fitness

    Episode 2

    Work each muscle in your body in this session. Feel stronger and more powerful than before.

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  • 20 Min Full Body Barre

    Episode 3

    The ballet barre workouts entails small isometric movements dedicated to creating long, lean muscles without bulk. Tone your thighs, abs, and arms through these low-impact techniques that protect your joints by avoiding any bouncing or jumping.

  • 10 Min Cardio Workout

    Episode 4

    A rejuvenating cardio workout that targets your entire body. Push your body to new limits, strengthen your muscles, and build endurance during this high impact workout. Get your heart rate up, move your body, and get your daily dose of cardio in!

  • 8 Min Cardio Burst

    Episode 5

    Combine cardio and body weight jumping plyometrics for a full body experience that will leave you feeling energized and invigorated.

  • 10 Min Oblique Workout

    Episode 6

    An oblique workout designed to activate your oblique muscles and strengthen your core. Build endurance and strengthen your oblique muscles with this workout that will leave you feeling stronger and more energized!

  • 15 Min Full Body Circuit

    Episode 7

    Learn to challenge your body as Anthony guides you through an invigorating and full-body workout. Take advantage of these carefully arranged routines dedicated to sculpting, toning, and strengthening every muscle in a fun and exciting way.

  • 10 Min 60/70 Workout

    Episode 8

    A full body-workout that targets squats, core, and upper body. Build muscles, endurance and push stamina while challenging muscles to their maximum capacity.

  • 10 Min Cardio Box

    Episode 9

    Find your power and your strength with cardio boxing.