The Back to The Office Collection

The Back to The Office Collection

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Going back to the office? Join us for a curated selection of classes that you can do at your desk to help ease the back-to-the office transition. Invite your team to practice together and feel connected again.

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The Back to The Office Collection
  • 10 Min Balance at Work

    Episode 1

    Many of us tend to operate on autopilot at work. Studies have found that taking a minute to reflect and being consciously focused can help you become more productive and improve your performance at work. Learn how to find your balance in this class.

  • 5 Min Finding Ease

    Episode 2

    This class is a perfect introduction to the Alexander Technique! Here, Margi will help you fine tune the awareness of yourself by focusing on the neck area along with other parts of your body to clear your thinking and feel relieved.

  • 5 Min Roll Down in the Chair

    Episode 3

    Roll down in your chair using the Alexander Technique to feel easy and neutralize your posture. This practice is particularly useful if you're feeling really tired and need to find some new energy.

  • 5 Min Roll Down To Roll Back and Up

    Episode 4

    A simple movement that will lightly stretch your back. You will find that you will gain more clarity and more presence in your body.

  • 5 Min Roll Down With a Twist

    Episode 5

    If your body is feeling a little tight, this practice is perfect to release some of that tension, giving your body mobility and a moment to just breathe.