DESTRESS 360 | The Nue Co.

DESTRESS 360 | The Nue Co.

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The Nue Co. and Caravan have partnered together to bring you a personalized program aimed to provide holistic stress relief and self-care.
OUR GIFT TO YOU: Start your stress-care journey with The Nue Co.’s DESTRESS 360 supplement, formulated to stop stress in its tracks before it impacts your immunity, libido, muscle function, focus and digestion.

This program includes science-backed video practices that will focus on reducing stress, boosting your immunity, and making day-to-day life more manageable. Explore this custom-made program and find practices that will help you optimize your wellness and prevent stress before it even begins.

Focus your energy with these centering yoga and breathwork exercises. These science-backed techniques will reposition your mind away from distracting thoughts and help you to maximize your day. Release negativity and set your focus on what you hope to achieve throughout your day.

Stress can have profoundly detrimental effects on the immune system. Taking care of your stress can help boost your immunity and promote whole-body wellness. Dive into these exercises for stress relief that will benefit your everyday life.profoundly impact your physical well-being.

Relaxation is core to stress management. Release your tension and let go of those worrying thoughts with every relaxing breath. Our practices will help you to find your zen and stress less every day.

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DESTRESS 360 | The Nue Co.
  • 10 Min Grounding Postures

    Episode 1

    Unwind at the end of the day, calm the mind, and rest your body with this relaxing, restful anxiety-melting exercise. This class will leave you feeling calmer and more refreshed than ever.

  • 10 Min Yoga Hip Openers

    Episode 2

    Stretch and engage your arms, abs, legs, and hips through this relaxing, flexibility-enhancing exercise. Focusing on opening your hips brings greater support for your back and spine muscles, and helps better align the body’s joints.

  • 10 Min Release Tension

    Episode 3

    Experience an anxiety fighting practice with Christina as she demonstrates how to release tension, find balance, and broaden your awareness through yoga. Integrate these preventative practices into your daily routine as you focus on relieving your anxiety.

  • 10 Min Body Awareness

    Episode 4

    Use these easy techniques to gain a sense of strength, balance, and tranquility wherever you find yourself. This session is designed to help you cultivate a mind-body-soul balance as you wind down from your day.

  • 10 Min Mid-Day Restorative

    Episode 5

    This simple restorative pose you can use at the end of the day to relax, rejuvenate, and relieve your bodily tension. Use this pose and breathing technique to widen your upper body and rid yourself of unwanted worries before bed to experience a tranquil rest.

  • 5 Min Unwind Your Day

    Episode 6

    Take this restorative pose at the end of your day to unwind and practice mindfulness. Focus on alleviating tension built up in the body from excessive sitting and being in flight or fight mode. Prepare for a deep restful sleep that will produce and release cytokines to regulate the immune system....

  • NIGHT: Calm Breath

    Episode 7

    Drop into your body with this calming and de-stressing breath. Use this breath whenever you find yourself going nonstop - take a second to calm down and bring your energy way down. At home, light a candle, break out your go to essential oil, close the blinds, and remind yourself you're taking a m...

  • 10 Min Breath Meditation

    Episode 8

    Deepen your breath while you notice and recognize sensations in your body and mind. Deep breathing increases oxygen flow to the brain, stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system which calms and relaxes the entire body and mind.