• 5 Days To Boost Immunity

    6 seasons

    VIDEOS: 20
    AVERAGE DURATION: 10 minutes

    The immune system is the first line of defense of our body against an alien microorganism entering the body. Learn these healthy practices focusing on movement, deep breathing, and reducing stress levels to maintain a strong immune system and prevent disea...

  • 10 Day Morning Positivity

    10 videos

    Rise and shine with Caravan! This program is designed to help you start your day with positivity and a clear mind. The classes can promote productivity and boost your energy throughout the day. Waking up and activating your mind and body can also help regulate your sleeping patterns causing mood ...

  • 10 Min Sleep Better

    Embark on a meditative journey to sleep. Learn how to sit on your mat with yourself and place aside outside worries. Cytokines, a protein that regulates immunity, are produced and released during sleep. Plug in your phone, set your alarm, and prepare for a deep and relaxing rest to boost immunity...

  • 8 Min Energy at work

  • 5 Min Alternate Nostril Breathing

    This practice will take you on a journey to three different breaths that build on each other to create an entire breath work sequence. This exercise will help you quiet the mind, leave you with a feeling of relaxation, and reduce stress and fatigue. This relaxation will help strengthen the immune...

  • 3 Min Tapping Trick

  • 15 Min Core Workout

  • 10 Min Full Body Stretching

  • 15 Min Focus Meditation