Stronger Mind, Stronger Body | SLU

Stronger Mind, Stronger Body | SLU

4 Seasons

In partnership with St. Lawrence University, we've curated a program designed with the everyday college student in mind to encompass different approaches to improve mental health, mindfulness and movement. An important step in improving your sense of well being is engaging the mind and body. The combination of these practices provide a well-rounded approach to mental and physical health to help college students effectively deal with their everyday stressors.

MINDFUL MEDITATION: Whether it is the beginning, middle or end of the day it is important to check in with yourself and connect with your breth. These 5 practices will help you increase your mindfulness and reduce your stress at any time of the day.

FEEL GOOD YOGA: Yoga is the perfect way to engage your mind and body. These practices will help clear your mind while engaging your body in relaxing, strengthening and energizing.

SWEAT & STRETCH: Getting your body moving is a vital part of not only your physical wellbeing but also your mental wellbeing. Break a sweat and get your heart rate up with this mix of toning, cardio and stretching.

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Stronger Mind, Stronger Body | SLU
  • 5 Min Daily Rise

    Episode 1

  • 10 Min Sleep Better

    Episode 2

    Embark on a meditative journey to sleep. Learn how to sit on your mat with yourself and place aside outside worries. Cytokines, a protein that regulates immunity, are produced and released during sleep. Plug in your phone, set your alarm, and prepare for a deep and relaxing rest to boost immunity...

  • 5 Min Visualization Meditation

    Episode 3

  • 8 Min Meditation Guided Art

    Episode 4

  • 5 Min Alternate Nostril Breathing

    Episode 5

    This practice will take you on a journey to three different breaths that build on each other to create an entire breath work sequence. This exercise will help you quiet the mind, leave you with a feeling of relaxation, and reduce stress and fatigue. This relaxation will help strengthen the immune...