University of Alabama at Birmingham

University of Alabama at Birmingham

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Join us for this wellness program curated for UAB students and employees to stay healthy, happy and productive while taking classes from home. Studies show that getting in a workout during the day can help you become more focused, combat Zoom fatigue, and improve your performance at school. This program consists of 30 quick and effective practices that you can do in between your study sessions. We encourage to do one exercise per day for the next 30 days and reap all the benefits of wellness!

Looking for more? Explore our entire video library with 250+ practices and 10 programs to transform your well-being.

FEEL GOOD PILATES - The quick and straightforward exercises skilfully work to stimulate each part of the body. These classes will leave you feeling flexible, toned, and ready to continue your day. Without a need for equipment or fuss, take these workouts anywhere and start your wellness journey.

MINDFUL YOGA - Find yourself more refreshed and productive with these yoga sequences designed to help you energize your body and mind.

MEDITATION & SEATED STRETCH - Take a quick break and allow yourself to unwind and rejuvenate your body. Calm your mind and navigate your intentions utilizing Caravan's meditation and breathing to find a centered place.

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University of Alabama at Birmingham