Glow Inside Out

Glow Inside Out

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Caravan has partnered with Volition Beauty to bring you a program dedicated to helping you Glow Inside Out. Find your beauty with Volition’s vegan, cruelty-free skincare essentials designed to give your skin a clean, refreshing boost. In this specially curated program, find video practices that will leave you glowing and feeling energized throughout your day.

What's Inside the Program:

Curated Pairing: Volition Luminizing Shield SPF35 + Rooftop Yoga Classes
Sunlight is our main source of Vitamin D which offers several positive benefits for your mood and immune system. Make the most of a sunny day with Caravan’s Rooftop Yoga Classes and keep your skin protected with Volition's Mineral Luminizing Shield SPF35.

Curated Pairing: Strawberry-C Serum + Morning Movement Classes
Get a positive start to your day with a strong morning routine. Feel energized and focused by infusing Volition’s Strawberry-C Brightening Serum with Caravan’s Morning Movement Classes. Build a routine that will help pave the way for a successful day.

Curated Pairing: Hibiscus Correcting Oil + Sleep Meditation Classes
Unwind and release yourself from the stress and tension from your day for a better night’s rest. A combination of Volition’s nourishing and soothing Hibiscus Correcting Oil with Caravan’s Sleep Meditation Classes before bed will leave you waking up feeling more calm and refreshed than ever.

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Glow Inside Out
  • 30 Min Yoga Flow

    Episode 1

    Soak up some sun and join us outside. Summer rooftop yoga will help deepen your breath, improve your form, and calm the mind! See the glowing effects of this meditative and fitness practice.

  • 15 Min Energetic Yoga

    Episode 2

    This energetic yoga practice will challenge your flexibility! In this session, target the entire body by toning and relaxing your arms, stomach, and legs. Learn different techniques for a lean and toned physique.

  • 10 Min Hands, Arms, Shoulders

    Episode 3

    Fundamental practice for the hands, legs, and arms! Wake up these parts of the body to prepare them for successful, comfortable body-weight exercises. Improve your flexibility and get the energy you need to help you through your day.

  • 10 Min Standing Poses

    Episode 4

    While most standing poses cause you to consider outer form, today we will focus on the inner form. The inner form is what prepares us to be strong and master these standing poses! Join us and find your strength and balance.

  • 10 Min Learn to Balance

    Episode 5

    Building better balance can increase strength and stability, help avoid injury, and also improve our ability to focus. Invest in yourself and find your balance.