After discovering his passion for life coaching, Zohar has since been professionally certified to cement and further his devotion to helping you live your best life. By taking a cognitive and behavioral approach to redirecting energy trapped by stress connected to underlying ambitions, he strives to help you permanently release your recurring stressors. With a touch of humor, Zohar wants you to discover success through peace.

  • 10 Min Defining Stress

    Use this definition of stress to take positive actions. Understand what's really going on when you feel these emotions. Learn how to gain more control of stressful situations.

  • 10 Min Stop Stressing

    Find out key strategies and tools you need to deal with stress in a positive and healthy way.

  • 3 Min Good / Bad Situations

    Learn to go with the flow of life. This session will help you see life in a new light.

  • 2 Min Why Vs. How

    Start asking yourself "why" and "how" to build self-improvement in your life.