Relax & Recharge | August

Relax & Recharge | August

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The month of August is a time to relax, recharge and take better care of ourselves. This month, Caravan is bringing you a program to help melt away any stress and anxiety that has been built up throughout the summer through practicing mindfulness. This can be through mantras, movement, and meditation, which all will help clear your mind and refresh your soul. We hope that you can use this program throughout your day to help ease your mind and energize your body!

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Relax & Recharge | August
  • 5 Min Airplane/Car Release

    Episode 1

    Got travel plans? Try this 6-minute movement class and learn how to ease tension and calm the body while you're on the road.

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  • 10 Min Rest, Stretch and Restore

    Episode 2

    This stretching session is dedicated to increasing joint range of motion and calming your mind. Slow down by using these fundamental methods and take the time to let your body relax.

  • 7 Min Stretching for Travel

    Episode 3

    A stretching class you can do from anywhere in the world. Relax your mind and body and enjoy your trip.