Find Joy In Movement

Find Joy In Movement

3 Seasons

This summer, fall in love with the journey of moving your body! Find a workout routine that creates positive memories and makes you happy. Take advantage of warm weather and enjoy a little extra sunshine while moving your body with your favorite Caravan classes. Let's break a sweat, have fun, and become your healthiest and happiest self!

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Find Joy In Movement
  • 8 Min Energizing Routine

    Episode 1

    A quick energizing morning routine to jump start the energy you need for a big day. Scan your body, get your spine and breath moving- take this at your own tempo. Open up some familiar yoga moves and go a little faster and deeper than you normally may. This sequence will allow for proper circulat...

  • 15 Min Core Workout

    Episode 2

    Engage and strengthen your core in this 15 minute Core Workout session.

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  • 20 Min Pilates Legs & Glutes

    Episode 3

    5/4/21 8:00AM
    Lengthen and strengthen your muscles for a lean body. Join Caravan teacher Talea for a 20-min morning leg and glute-focused workout.

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  • 20 Min Barre For Balance

    Episode 4

    Find your balance, release daily tension, and find your strength with low impact barre exercises that leave your body feeling stronger than before.

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  • 10 Min Spinal Wakeup

    Episode 5

    This quick morning wakeup routine is a fully seated practice that will get your energy flowing, your body warmed up, and your breath moving. It's important to move your spine in many different forms and positions at least once a day. Waking up your spine in the morning will leave you feeling good...

  • 10 Min Morning Energizer

    Episode 6

    A quick yoga inspired morning workout you can do every single day. Wake up your body with this perfect combination of stretching and power. This practice will have your blood circulating bright and early, allowing immune system cells to do their job and keep you strong and healthy.

    PROPS: Mat


  • 10 Min Sun Salutations

    Episode 7

    Feel stretched and relaxed by practicing sun salutations and standing postures. This routine is great for an energizing start to a positive day. Benefits of sun salutation include boosted energy, improved blood circulation, released tension in your shoulders, chest, and hamstrings.

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  • 20 Min Full Body Flow

    Episode 8

    Perfect your pose with step-by-step yoga techniques breakdown. No matter your experience, follow along to explore each motion behind these essential practices.

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  • 20 Min Yoga For Energy

    Episode 9

    5/6/21 8:00AM
    Wake up your body with this 20-min energizing yoga flow. Invite your friends to join this life-changing practice. Share with them this link:

  • 10 Min Full Body Movement

    Episode 10

    Engage your muscles with Briana's full-body workout and experience a series of quick and straightforward exercises skilfully working to stimulate each part of the body. Tone, strengthen, and stretch your glutes, abs, arms, legs, and back while simultaneously losing weight through these short and ...