Jumpstart Your Health & Wellbeing in the New Year

Jumpstart Your Health & Wellbeing in the New Year

20 Episodes

January is the perfect time to focus on your health and wellbeing. Building healthy habits and starting the year off on the right foot can set you up for success all year long. This January, join us for a 20-day program and make a commitment to your health and see how much better you feel when you prioritize your wellness.

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Jumpstart Your Health & Wellbeing in the New Year
  • January Program

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  • 10 Min Yoga for Circulation & Energy

    Episode 1

    This quick and nourishing practice is designed to help you improve circulation, enhance body awareness, and reduce anxiety. Join us on the mat!

  • 3 Min Finding Purpose

    Episode 2

    Learn how to find purpose in life and what it means once you have found it.

  • 10 Min Yoga for Focus & Clarity

    Episode 3

    Enhance your focus and clarity with this 10-minute seated yoga practice that is perfect for those with limited space and aims to release tension, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

  • 3 Min Building Resilience

    Episode 4

    Learn strategies and techniques for developing the ability to bounce back from adversity and handle stress in a healthy and productive way.

  • 10 Min Yoga for Playfulness & Curiosity

    Episode 5

    In this video, we invite you to let go of seriousness and embrace playfulness and curiosity, encouraging you to focus on how the poses feel rather than how they look and giving yourself the space to move freely.

  • 10 Min Yoga for Balance & Vitality

    Episode 6

    Join us in a revitalizing 10-minute yoga flow that will invigorate your whole body and improve your balance and vitality through dynamic and energizing poses.

  • 3 Min Compassion

    Episode 7

    Learn the importance of discovering compassion for yourself in order to have compassion for others, and how to practice compassion regularly.

  • 10 Min Yoga for Hamstrings & Core

    Episode 8

    This yoga flow focuses on lengthening the body through stretches for the hamstrings and core, helping to release tension and improve flexibility.

  • 3 Min Stress Management

    Episode 9

    What is stress? How does it show up in your body? Join Nadia as she guides you through a cognitive reframing practice.

  • 10 Min Yoga for Hips & Back Body

    Episode 10

    Welcome to this 10-minute yoga flow for tension relief in the hips and back body! This practice is perfect for those days when you're feeling a little tight or stressed, and just need a quick reset.

  • 10 Min Yoga for Thoracic Expansion

    Episode 11

    Join us for a seated yoga class focused on improving posture and increasing flexibility in the thoracic spine.

  • 3 Min Conflict Management

    Episode 12

    Discover strategies on conflict management- how to identify the problem, when to walk away and how to manage conflicts through active listening.

  • 3 Min Breath Inside Workout

    Episode 13

    Learn how to breathe during your exercise and discover the full potential of your muscular endurance.

  • 10 Min Sound Healing For Relaxation

    Episode 14

    Attain a state of heightened mindfulness and tranquility with this soothing sound healing session, designed to help release tension and leave you feeling calm and relaxed.

  • 3 Min Perfect Planks

    Episode 15

    Learn the fundamentals that will allow you to get most out of your plank. Engage your core, flatten your back, use those shoulders. Perfect that plank!

  • 5 Min Perfect Your Pushup

    Episode 16

    Learn the fundamentals that will allow you to get most out of your pushup.

  • 10 Min Sleep Hygiene

    Episode 17

    In this video, Caravan teacher Jessica discusses the basics of sleep hygiene and shares practices that can help promote restful sleep.

  • 3 Min Progressive Pushups

    Episode 18

    Progress and elevate simple push up patterns with extensions, claps, and single arm. Work to continue challenging yourself to new levels.

  • 5 Min How to Wash Your Hands

    Episode 19

    In this how-to video, Caravan teacher Jessica discusses the importance of hand hygiene and how to properly wash your hands for infection control.

  • 3 Min Side Lunge

    Episode 20

    Side lunge is one of the best exercises to get slim and toned legs. Learn how to do it correctly in this quick and simple class.