Self-Care Challenge

Self-Care Challenge

3 Seasons


From the moment you rise in the morning to the time you go to sleep, discover your potential with a challenge carefully designed by CARAVAN and Katya Kulyzhka. Live like a top model as you encounter the collection of Katya's 18 favorite practices.

The 3-day challenge provides you with the tools you need to improve your mental and physical strength while learning new and worthwhile approaches to becoming your best self. Return to this program any time you are in need of a quick yet effective wellness boost.

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Self-Care Challenge
  • 5 Min Daily Rise Meditation

    Episode 1

    Kick start your day with a quick meditation. Give yourself a boost of energy and activate your mind and body.

  • 2 Min Why Vs. How

    Episode 2

    Start asking yourself "why" and "how" to build self-improvement in your life.

  • 5 Min Energy Breath

    Episode 3

    Breath of Fire is a form of cleansing breathing technique rooted in Kundalini yoga. It gets the blood circulating through your body in a fast and effective manner. It's also helpful in removing toxins and buildup of other substances from your body.

  • 10 Min Abs, Arms and Butt

    Episode 4

    Integrate your abs, arms, and butt together for an energizing boost in this workout.

  • 10 Min Learn To Say No

    Episode 5

    Saying no is OK! Telling people yes all the time can fill up your schedule and leave you feeling overwhelmed. Learn about the importance of solitude and how to find more time for yourself.

  • 5 Min Hearing & Moon Meditation

    Episode 6

    Tune into the pattern of your breathing with sense memory. In this practice we combine your own human sensations with the outside world. Connect the idea of listening with the idea of the moon. Listen to your body, ask what it needs, allow for adjustments, and become fully present in your inner w...