The Back to The Office Collection

The Back to The Office Collection

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Going back to the office? Join us for a curated selection of classes that you can do at your desk to help ease the back-to-the office transition. Invite your team to practice together and feel connected again.

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The Back to The Office Collection
  • 10 Min Seated Upper Body Stretching

    Episode 1

    A grounding series of seated upper body stretches to the body. Feel decompressed and release tension as you relax into these stretches.

  • 10 Min Seated Flow For The Core

    Episode 2

    A core-focused seated yoga flow designed to improve muscles and stability while deep breathing and releasing toxins. Relieve lower back pain and tension in the lower body while simultaneously activating your core.

  • 10 Min Seated Flow For Lower Body

    Episode 3

    A stabilizing lower-body-focused flow designed to improve balance. Stretch out your legs and lower body muscles, relieve tension in your hips, and activate your lower abdomen.

  • 10 Min Standing Yoga for Stretching and Stress Relief

    Episode 4

    Yoga can help you soothe stiff joints, melt away chronic stress, improve sleep, and revive energy. Add this practice to your daily routine and transform your wellbeing.

  • 10 Min Standing Yoga for Strength

    Episode 5

    This power yoga class is perfect for a quick active break anytime during the day to improve your physical strength and flexibility. No equipment needed.